As a result of the growing demand for dedicated and more efficient services, Grimaldi Group Naples has set up its own agency in Lome in October 1999. Grimaldi Togo, formerly called RoRo Shipping Agency Togo, is located in a new high standard building at approximately 500 meters from the main port entrance in Lome.

Thanks to the in-house developed highly sophisticated software, Grimaldi Togo’s releasing desks are able to handle an entire releasing file in less than 2.5 minutes, which is allowing us to treat up to 700 releasing files per day.


Grimaldi Togo is employing a 25-staff.  A basic company chart and a fully detailed contact list can be found under the menu “contacts”.

The Grimaldi family’s ties to the sea date back to long before the Group was created.  The first records of the involvement in maritime shipping are from as early as 1348, when the chronicles of the Kingdom of Naples indicate that the brothers Rajinerio, Richerio and Perino de Grimaldis were given a precious relic in solid gold by Queen Giovanna I, as the guarantee to charter three of their ships.

The family’s more recent involvement in shipping derives from the maternal side, namely Amelia Lauro, the daughter of Gioacchino and sister of Achille, who married Giovanni Grimaldi.  In the latter half of the 19th century, Gioacchino Lauro, a shipowner from Sorrento, founded a free steamboat shipping company, one of the first joint-stock companies in the Italian Shipping Industry.

Gioacchino’s son Achille inherited both the passion for the sea and business acumen and became the shipowner of Europe’s most important privately-owned fleet in the 60’s and 70’s.  Giovanni Grimaldi’s and Amelia’s sons were introduced to the sea by asking Achille to take them under his stern but wise guidance.


In 1947, Guido and his brothers Luigi, Mario, Aldo and Ugo Grimaldi set up their own business by purchasing a Liberty, a type of cargo ship used by the U.S. fleet during the Second World War that gave rise to the most important privately-owned European fleets.

Grimaldi-Siosa Lines, the company founded at the end of the 50’s to develop passenger services, was symbolised by the Irpinia.  Over the following two decades, the fleet was expanded further to include flagships such as the Venezuela, the Caribia, and, at a later date, the Ausonia, which served the cruise market until the end of the 90’s.

In the 60’s Grimaldi began to strengthen its freight operations with bulk freighters and tankers.  The expansion in the RO/RO sector and, more specifically, in the transport of vehicles came in 1969, when the Group started operating regular line services linking Italy and England.

This development marks the beginning of the Group’s modern period: over the last thirty years the focus on the RO/RO sector has in fact been the driving factor for growth.  A decisive step in this direction was the investment, in the 80’s, to build the four twin ships Repubblica di Venezia, Repubblica di Pisa, Repubblica di Genova and Repubblica di Amalfi, followed by the Repubblica di Roma, Fides and Spes in the 90’s.

All of the above vessels are Multipurpose RO/RO Car Carrier ships capable of meeting the market’s changing needs due to their enormous operational and load-mix flexibility.  At the same time, Grimaldi expanded its service network to serve not only the Mediterranean/Northern Europe trades, but also the routes between Northern Europe and West Africa and Northern Europe and Southern America.

In the mid 90’s, the brothers Guido, Mario and Aldo Grimaldi decided to part the company and to set up two separate entities: Grimaldi Genova, managed by Mario and Aldo, and the Gruppo Grimaldi (Napoli), headed by Guido.




Wholly owned by the Grimaldi Family, the Grimaldi Group Naples brings together a global market approach to family tradition and values.  Founder and President Dr Guido Grimaldi is at the helm, sharing responsibilities with sons Gianluca Grimaldi and Emanuele Grimaldi, and son-in-law Diego Pacella. 


The Naples based Group comprises 7 shipping companies, either subsidiaries or affiliates.  These own more than 70 ships but operate a larger fleet, made of nearly 120 vessels, including Car Carriers, RO/RO-Multipurpose, RO/RO-Container and RO/RO-Passenger ships.  This makes Grimaldi the world’s leading operator of Multipurpose Roll on / Roll off ships and Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC).  The overall number of employees stands at about 7,000.

This powerful fleet is the core of a vertically integrated logistics chain which numbers 13 port terminals in 3 continents and some road and rail transport companies.  Every week, Grimaldi’s ships call at more than 100 ports in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, West Africa, Northern and Southern America.

New business initiatives include Grimaldi & Louis-Dreyfus Lines, a joint venture with Louis-Dreyfus Armateurs de France and the incorporation of Malta Motorways of the Sea, a Maltese subsidiary that succeeded Sea Malta Ltd, the State-owned shipping company that was liquidated in 2005.  These moves are part of large investments to develop an effective and efficient Motorways of the Sea network in the Mediterranean area.  Such strategy is in line with the European Union’s effort to remove freight from the congested road network.

In the same Motorways of the Sea perspective, the Group recently acquired a 50.11% shareholding in Finnlines, the main RO/RO operator in the Baltic Sea, and a voluntary public offer has been launched for the purchase of the remaining shared capital.  Finnlines, listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, operates around 50 ships and offers freight and passenger services in a geographical area with the highest economic growth in Europe.

The Group’s primary mission remains to strengthen and expand its international logistics network in accordance with a strategy that places the highest priority on environmental sustainability and onto meeting customers’ expectations by the means of achieving top quality standards.